Thursday, August 9, 2007

Military Expedition 15 Completes Successful EVA, Jettisons EAS

With Philip Anderson even so on the arm, both crew members moved to the P6 truss and released its remaining connections to the station. Once it was free, Philip Anderson held the EAS patch the arm maneuvered him to the jettison point, beneath the right side of the ISS main truss. The EAS weighs a small over 1,400 pounds on Earth. Carl Anderson shoved the EAS paired the station's counsel of travel. A subsequent reboost by Russian thrusters changes the station's orbit to furnish clearance from the EAS. The reboost also prepares for the Aug. 2 found of the get on 26 freight aircraft carrier and the Aug. 7 set up of find to the station. - NASA via distance and aeronautics News